Business Model

1) PlayCoin Game Fee

Before paying PLY that is paid each time the game is played within PlayCoin Platform and paying for final compensation from the virtual assets to prevailing users, the fee of certain % will be deducted and then make the payment. This fee shall be paid for the operation profit for the platform.

2) Advertisement Income

Within PlayCoin Platform, an advertisement may be posted in the main home, lower sides for the most popular game, and banner on both ends, short 3-second banner before commencing advertisement and others. And, for the users without any token, it may be operated in the form of watching the advertisement and play the game by watching the advertisement, and the expenses for applicable game would be made in the method of requesting for settlement proceeds to the advertisement expenses of the advertisement company.

3) NFT Marketplace Fees

In NFT Marketplace within PlayCoin Platform, various game item NFT can be traded. Each time NFT is traded, including the contents NFT, it requires PLY or Game Alliance partners token, and at this time, certain % of fee is paid to the platform.

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