General Matters

This is regulated under the laws within the place of jurisdiction of PlayCoin Foundation. In addition, there is no guarantee to acquire the license, permit or its approval in all countries and regions with jurisdiction where PlayCoin is used.

PlayCoin places effort to completely comply with the pertinent PlayCoin related laws and regulations, and obtain license, permit and approval as required for the operation. The PlayCoin related service is influenced by the regulations and policies of each country, and regarding the regulation related license, permit and approval, there shall be no perfect guarantee. Therefore, if there is no appropriate license or permit acquired in the service jurisdiction area, the PlayCoin service may be restricted or the service in App Store and others may be rejected.

The value of virtual value changes daily. The virtual value trade or balance may drastically increase or decrease. Be sure to remember that there is a possibility for the price of virtual value, such as, PlayCoin, to be 0.

Following the policy of the virtual currency exchange, it may determine to suspend the trading, shut down of listing or the like for PlayCoin. PlayCoin shall not be held liable for such a situation.

There is a possibility of trade volume of PlayCoin for individuals to decline to fail the trade or make it difficult. Or depending on market situation or scale, it may call for trade price at significantly hostile price. There is a liquidity risk of transaction thereto.

In PlayCoin cloud and IDC, the service and platform are operated. It places effort on process security monitoring, security patch and service inspection following the security regulation of each country. However, due to vulnerable security, zero day attack, DDoS and others, service linkage may be difficult of interruption may occur. In this case, PlayCoin shall not be held liable.

There exists certain risk from factors, such as, the change of external environment, which the business is difficult to continue. In such case, the business cannot be operated continuously. All procedures including the customer assets shall be construed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the locale, and it shall be processed under the bankruptcy law, corporate law, reorganization law, personal reorganization law and other laws.

Taxes and income tax

With an exception of some country, the laws and tax regulations related to the virtual value have yet to be finalized. For the i1 assurance, make sure to consult with a professional who is qualified or tax and legal expert related to respective country. Acquisition and loss of capital due to the PlayCoin trade may be reverted under the capital acquisition law and tax laws. PlayCoin shall not be held responsible in relation to the tax payment of customers. For any additional information related to taxes, make sure to consult with a professional who is qualified or tax officer related to respective country.

PlayCoin shall not be held for any consequence related to the tax payment of any individual. Following the virtual currency regulation of each country, the PlayCoin business may be withdrawn or the PlayCoin service may be expired in certain countries.

Exclusion of securities-type token

PlayCoin while book and incidental documents are not investment description or financial service proposal. In no country, it shall not be handled as a securities investment product or other product subject for regulations. For the proposal of purchase of PlayCoin and its service and product, this while book and incidental documents shall not be used. No PlayCoin holder shall be qualified to assert any right against any PlayCoin affiliated company, or any PlayCoin related company or affiliated company in relation to the intellectual property, including but not limited to equity, stocks, bonds, royalty on equity, profit, income or others.

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