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Various Web-based Games

1) PvE (Player Vs Environment)
This is a game where the compensation can be gained through the confrontation of player and artificial intelligence (AI). By facilitating the PvE method, it is plan to service various types of games, such as, arcade, puzzle, PRG and so on. A player may enjoy to play the game along at a spare time and may win the reward.
When the PBC game is played within PlayCoin Platform, the token of PLY or Game Alliance participating companies are used to pay for the game, and if prevails, the random compensation is made by any virtual asset available for cash, such as, Game Alliance participating companies, ETH, BTC and others.
2) PvP (Player Vs Player)
This PvP game means the game with the style of competition by users. The PvP game within PlayCoin Platform is processed by two methods. The first is the real time PvP method that a user and another user pays PLY or another virtual asset that it has to pay by matching in real time method to process the game. As a result of the game, the prevailing user is entitled to the compensation with the virtual value at random as it is available for cash in Game Alliance participating companies token, ETH, BTC and others together with the assets of the defeated user. The second method is the method of competing for the game result that each user processes the game individually, and the game result (score, level, or the like) is compared to determine the final winner. As mentioned earlier, the final winner will be compensated with the Game Alliance
3) 토너먼트 참여 경기
From the games within PlayCoin Platform, certain games are held in a tournament for single or team for each season or event. In order to participate in each tournament, the participation fee shall be paid and the prize money will be paid for the final winners of 1st ~ 3rd places. In the event that the team is participated, the team composition will be provided with the space for separate subscription.
4) Other Games
Various other Web-based games will be able to play within Playcoin Platform. In addition, it is possible to check on the introduction of various partner companies that participate in PlayCoin Game Alliance, introduction of others that are not the Web-based games and games possible to download.