PlayCoin 2.0

A platform for Game-fi and P2E Game Alliance


In 2017, PlayCoin that advocates structuring of the eco-system for block chain-based game platform for Indi-developer and small game companies, and in order to flexibly respond to the changes in the business environment and system retained by the block chain, it jointly launched high quality projects in 2019 to structure the crypto alliance and pivot (business conversion) the PlayCoin Crypto Alliance (PlayX) to expand and improve the business.

In 2021, PlayCoin Alliance(PlayX) intends to structure Game-fi and P2E Game Alliance by revising the structure of the expanded business domain, focusing on core business again through selection and concentration and composing the block chain-based game platform eco-system in new style for initial Indi developer and small game companies.

P2E Games

Recently, the block chain-based games have irreplaceable token (NFT) and P2E (Play to Earn) spearheading to emerge with devastating impact. After the success of Mir 4 of WEMADE, P2E and NFT are becoming new growth engine and business model in the game market. Mir 4 is devised to convert the Black Iron that users excavated from the game into the utility token, Drake, and it is converted into the Wemix token that is listed in the virtual currency exchange to enable it to turn into cash to play games, and it makes people to attract to PRODUCTE that enables to turn into cash through token. In particular, it has sufficient Crespi effect for low-wage countries (Central and South Americas, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe) and general users to join in.

As for representative cases of having a success with the block chain-based P2E game, there are Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. Axie Infinity is a collection-type strategic battle game that collects the monsters named Axie, and each Axie is the NFT type and is determined by the probability for the competency value and is freely traded in the marketplace. The method to generate income is largely in two-fold: 1) Selling SLP (Smooth Love Potion) that may be acquired through the game play in the virtual currency exchange, or 2) selling new Axie by cross breeding. The Sand Box is the NFT-based meta-bus platform that can be used as the space for game play or community activities for the virtual real estate land verified with the ownership with NFT. The users may generate profit with 1) LAND investment and lease, 2) game production and profit making (game lease payment, and others), and 3) production and sales of NFT digital asset.

New PlayCoin Platform

PlayCoin Platform that is rearranged in a new style composes P2E Game Alliance to provide the P2E model in the type modifying the method to provide by existing P2E games to users through various games within the platform. From PlayCoin Platform, existing PLX will automatically be transformed into PLY, and it is planned to structure the new eco-system to use the PLY in the platform to have different tokens as reward. The virtual value that is given to reward the game play of existing PLY users will comprise of diverse multi-token eco-system including ETH, BTC, tokens from the game companies that comprised Game Alliance. The game companies participating in PlayCoin P2E Alliance will be supported with development by preparing the support plan.

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